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We are happy to be introducing a new generation countermeasures kit, The ACS-007 Advanced Countermeasures Sweep Kit. The ACS-007 has an incredible sweeping frequency range of 400KHz to 8.5GHz. While many of your drop ship sources offer a basic bear-bones unit, only authorized dealers with know-how can give you the complete package with all the advanced probes.

This advanced advanced system includes a hard shell carry case, RF Probe, IR Probe, all new phone line tone injection/locate unit and much more. The Ultra advanced kit includes an acoustic leakage probe, a highly directional Yagi antenna probe, a line probe and a highly useful set of forms and contacts of CD you can use again and again that will help make your countermeasures sweeping services successful and professional.The ACS-007 is custom manufactured in Israel by a leading Israeli military countermeasures contractor and is military and diplomatic grade.


  • Easy To Read Blue LCD Screen
  • Fast Sweeping Power Of from 400KHz to 8.5GHz
  • Verification Mode Tells You If You Locked Onto A Bug Or Wiretap
  • Probes For Checking Telephones And Telephone Lines for Wiretaps
  • Easy To Use IR Probe
  • Silent Headphone Sweeping And Monitoring
  • RF Gain Control
  • Volume Control
  • Easy And Quick To learn And Use!
  • Latest State-Of-The Art Technology

These new generation high-end Countermeasures Kits Will Sweep A Room From 400 KHz to 8.5 GHz for bugs and wiretaps.The System comes with the ability to sweep a phone line. You also have the ability to sweep with the IR probe for IR sweeping. (Light beams, especially lasers, provide an excellent method for carrying audio intelligence and are not detectable by RF -radio frequency detectors.) If you need to upgrade your existing countermeasures gear to move up to the ability to handle advanced countermeasures sweep jobs, this is the latest testing equipment you want and you will love moving up to it. If you are considering adding professional countermeasures sweeping to your existing investigative or security agency services, we highly recommend this new state-of-the-art equipment that's a fraction of the cost of similar packages. Since 9-11, countermeasures sweep services has boomed and now is the time to start offering it! This is the ultimate equipment to use! Countermeasures services are typically billing out from $300.00 to $400.00 an hour. Your average domestic sweep case is from $600.00 to $900. Your average small office sweep case is from $1200.00 to $20,00.00. You'll be in a unique position to offer advanced countermeasures sweeping services for both domestic cases and business cases to clients and leave the hotdogs with $89.00 bug detectors in the dust. The first one or two cases will pay the cost of this unit and then everything else is pure profit! Nothing like this has ever been introduced to the US market before at this kind of pricing! We know you are going to love using this product.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 16 January, 2009.